Deaf & Hearing Resources of Palm Beach County, Inc.

A Message from Executive Director
Lisa Bruna

Hello everyone!

After 30 years of serving Palm Beach County as "Deaf Service Center," we're excited to announce our new name – Deaf & Hearing Resources of Palm Beach County, Inc. – and a fresh, new makeover to go along with it!

Wait until you see all the wonderful changes we’re making at the agency! Along with our new name and branding, our programs and offerings are being improved, expanded and approached in innovative ways. We've had some early success in making all this "new" happen, and now we're on a roll! And with a highly skilled and truly motivated staff in place, we are on a mission to be better than ever before.

We will keep you updated on all the goings-on, which include programs, services, workshops, and social events for our all ages. I'm particularly excited about all the kids (little ones, middle-size ones, and lots of teens and young adults!) that I'm seeing around the center these days, along with our much-beloved Baby Boomers, seniors, and others who have been friends of this agency for many years. The most frequent reaction we're noticing these days from people who walk through our doors is, "Wow, look at all that's going on here now.... impressive!"

Please come in to visit us and experience Deaf & Hearing Resources for yourself. As always, our focus is on your hearing health and happiness, and we're here to do all we can to ensure that your
quality of life is not limited by hearing loss.

Take a look at our latest press release to learn more. And don’t forget to mark your calendar with a big red circle around December 5th.  That evening, we're celebrating our 30th anniversary with a family movie night event (Hint: We're showing No Ordinary Hero: The Superdeafy Movie as part of our festive December celebration). Take a look, and help us spread the word that Deaf & Hearing Resources is better than ever before!

We will be migrating over to a new Web site at a new Web address but, for now, keep checking back here for updates. And please write to me directly at with any thoughts or suggestions. I'd love to hear from you!

~ Lisa

Bring the whole family for a FREE hearing test. We provide services to kids and their parents and grandparents. Back-to-school is a great time for a visit. Free popsicles for kids who come in for testing!

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